Pour-over Coffee Digital Scales

A good digital scale is indispensable when it comes to pour-over coffee brewing. Having the right amount of freshly roasted coffee grounds to water ratio is key for achieving the best extraction. But not all kitchen scales work best for pour-over coffee brewing, many have auto shutoff (to save battery) that is too short. A good digital scale that works well, it one specifically made for pour-over coffee brewing will stay on as long as you need to brew pour-over coffee. The best brands are Hario, OXO, Acaia, HIROIA. Check the list of pour-over coffee digital scales below.

ProScale XC-2000 Extreme Capacity Digital Scale

Under $35 on Amazon or Prima-Coffee

The ProScale Extreme Capacity Scale offers ease-of-use features; like a backlit 5 digit LCD display. Measures gram, pounds and ounces. 2000 gram capacity with 0.1 gram precision. Includes removable tray.

OXO Good Grips Precision Coffee Scale with Timer

Under $50 on Amazon

The OXO Good Grips Coffee Scale offers ease-of-use features; with a brew timer, Tare function, and 0.01g intervals for accuracy. Easy to clean. easy to read and use display. Optional auto shut-off. A thin compact shape makes it an attractive addition to your kitchen.

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

Under $60 on Amazon

A good workhorse scale that feels at just at home as in acommercial coffee shop. A simple minalist design, offering tare, a timer and easy on off button. Easy to clean and it looks great in your kitchen. Read the review here.

Acaia Pearl Digital Scale with Bluetooth

$150 on Prima-Coffee

(Firmware Option A) The Acaia Pearl is a pretty scale that adds app conectivity, so that you can be really OCD about coffee brewing if you have the cash. It offers fast response times, 2000 gram capacity, 0.1 gram resolution. Touch sensitive power and tare buttons. LCD screen. USB rechargeable battery. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Hiroia Jimmy Digital Brewing Scale

$225 on Prima-Coffee

The Hiroia Jimmy is good for commercial and home uses. It has a dedicated pour-over brew mode and 3 espresso modes. It has a detachable touch display, fast response times, 2000 gram capacity, 0.1 gram resolution. Touch sensitive power and auto-tare buttons with an auto timer that detects water flow. LCD screen. USB rechargeable battery. Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. Offers phone app.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a few standouts we figure will work out well. Here is a list of more options.

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