Paper vs Metal Coffee Filters

Hario v60 Filter PaperPaper vs metal coffee filter? Which is better, paper coffee cone filters? Or metal coffee cone filters? A lot can be said for each. Something can be said against each also. Taste is the best judge followed by convenience, method and other factors make choosing a personal decision. Here are some things to consider:

Metal cone coffee filters are reusable

A major selling point as well as the “purity” aspect, stainless and gold-plated cone filters are inert, meaning they do not chemically mingle with the coffee. For the pour-over coffee aficionado this is very important. What is not great is that coffee contains a considerable about of cholesterol that passes through the filter and into the cup. Think of a metal cone filter as a strainer. There is also the sediment left at the bottom of the cup that can affect the taste. The best choice is Able Brewing KONE 3rd Generation available from Amazon.
as well as Melitta and Medelco.

Paper cone coffee filters filter smaller particles

If you hate the last sip of your coffee to be a mouthful of bitter sludge, than paper is for you. Paper cone coffee filters capture the fine sediment that can collect. But you have to keep buying more filters.

There are many documented health benefits to coffee. Treating depression, (one possible reason why coffee is so popular in the Northwest), to diabetes and heart health. One drawback to drinking coffee is the cholesterol that coffee beans contain. The good news is that paper cone filters catch the cholesterol. There are a few good paper cone filter manufacturers, Hario and Melitta included.

Paper vs metal coffee filter:

  • Health vs. reusability
  • Inert vs. paper debris

In the end taste should win, if some sediment and a little extra cholesteral is a turn-off, then paper is the way to go. If reusability is important, metal. Either way you’ll end up with a nicely brewed cup of pour-over coffee.

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