Pour-over Water to Coffee Ratio​How Much Water Should You Use for Pour-over Coffee Brewing?​

Not knowing the correct amount water to coffee ratio for pour-over coffee can result in poor flavor; either too diluted or too strong. Other things that effect flavor are age of beans since roast, and the grain size of your ground beans.

As a general rule 16 grams water for every 1 gram of coffee is a good place to start. From there you can tweak the ratio to fit your taste. 

What if I don’t have a scale?

One tablespoon equals 1 gram of coffee. 16 grams of water equals

Always start with good fresh-roasted coffee and filtered water; successful pour-over coffee brewing comes down to ratios. For pour-over coffee brewing water to coffee ratio a general rule of thumb is 16 parts (grams) water to 1 part (grams) coffee. To measure and brew properly you need a good scale. While most digital kitchen scales will do the trick, it’s worth considering an investment  in a Hario Drip Scale/Timer, it’s designed especially for pour-over and is very easy to use. More information on the Hario Drip scale here.

Some of the water will be absorbed in the grounds and will not end up in your cup, the ratio compensates for that, ergo, 300 grams of water will not equal 300 grams in your cup. It’s hard to calculate the actual yield, which depends on the amount of coffee grounds used.

Once you have the scale you can accurately measure and brew your pour-over coffee. Feel free to experiment on the ratios to adjust for your taste. Enjoy!

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