Gooseneck Kettles

Drip KettleBefore the goosenneck kettle it was necessary to pour boiling hot water out of a pan, which tended to splash all over causing coffee grounds to spill out of the cone dripper. Besides being sloppy, also dangerous (2nd degree hot-water burns are no fun). Standard tea kettles with their large opening and short spout make it very difficult to control the pour as well. Measuring cups help a little with the pointed pour spout, but still are problematic.

Welcome the Gooseneck Kettle

Gooseneck kettles are a convenient way to soak the coffee grounds in an even amount of hot water with a great degree of control. They come in a variety of styles, stove-top or electric and price. The Hario Buono Drip Kettle is a combination of pleasing industrial design and functional efficiency. You’ll find them locally in finer gourmet supply stores and online from Amazon and other stores.

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