Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper

metal coffee drippers pour-over coffee worldMetal Coffee Drippers offer something plastic/resin, glass and ceramic drippers can’t: being unbreakable. Granted, they can be bent, dented, scratched and squished, but if you knock a metal coffee dripper off the counter they will not break. As we painfully found out on the second day of brewing.

The Hario V60 is made from stainless steal so you can be assured that they are as flavorless as glass and ceramic. Hario recently introduced the V60 Metal Dripper, available in copper, silver and black. Copper and black have a clear coating on the surface, the silver which is not coated.

Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper

Recently acquired by POCW we tested the Hario V60 Metal coffee dripper and find the steal cone nicely manufactured as well as visually pleasing. The construction was a spun metal cone seated on a black rubber base. The V60 Metal Coffee Dripper comes in metal-copper, metal-silver and metal-black. Shop Here (Amazon)

Hario also makes a solid copper V60 Coffee Dripper, but it is at a considerable cost increase. Available Here (Amazon)

Check out the YouTube video review here.

Kalita Wave Metal Coffee Dripper

We have not tested the Kalita wave coffee dripper yet, But the reviews from other sites are pretty favorable. Available at Amazon as well.

Send us an email if there are other metal coffee drippers not listed.

Choosing the Right Digital Scale for Pour-over Coffee Brewing

Digital Scale GuideChoosing the right digital scale for pour-over coffee brewing. A great cup of Pour-over coffee requires technique and the proper equipment. A digital kitchen scale is an integral component for success. But what kind of scale? Not all kitchen scales work for pour-over coffee brewing. It’s not enough to be able to weigh the coffee grounds, you also need to weigh the water, and you need to time it all perfectly.

A digital scale that has auto-off might shut off before brewing is complete. Leaving you hanging. The scale must stay on for at least 5 min., most scales turn off after a few minutes. Stick to the digital scales you find on specialty coffee shops and suppliers. Going for the least expensive digital scale will result in bad pour-over. Spend a little more and you’ll be satisfied with your pour-over brewing results

Features to look for:

  • Metic or standard weighing to 01 gram or 1/10 of an ounce
  • Zero/Tare
  • Timer (optional)

Recommended Scales:

Best: Hario Coffee Drip Scale/Timer – $45 Amazon 4 1/2  Stars

Tare/Zero. Measures .1 gram increments. Brew timer. Buy Here


Good: ProScale XC-2000 Extreme Capacity Digital Scale – $33-35 Amazon, Prima Coffee 5 Stars

Tare/Zero. Measures 10th of oz, .1 gram increments. No timer. Small compact, good for travel. Buy Here


Good: Jennings CJ600 Scale – $40 Amazon 4 Stars

Tare/Zero. Weight displayed in .1 gram increments. Auto-off can be disabled. 20-year Warranty. No timer. Buy Here

If you know of other scales let us know:

Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping and Gift Guide. Photo: © HARIO CO., LTD

It’s the time of year when retailers are clamoring for your attention, yet they never seem to make shopping for friends, family, and acquaintances any easier. It’s frustrating to learn you wasted money on unwanted or unneeded holiday gifts. But you have to think of something. One can only have so many wind-up clock emergency flashlight radios, or golfball washers.

If anyone on your list is a gourmet coffee drinker, then this holiday gift guide will offer ideas and make holiday shopping easier.

Shopping for the impossible person

Is there a person on your list who has “everything”? If Dad comes to mind, chances are good that he probably doesn’t have any pour-over coffee brewing gear. A cone dripper, goose-neck kettle, and paper filters would be a great starter gift.

If he is into pour-over coffee brewing, there is surely something you can find for him that he doesn’t have or that needs replacing. Some ideas are a goose-neck kettle, digital scale, burr coffee grinder, more filters, or even a fresh-roasted coffee bean subscription or gift certificate.

Budgeting made easy

Prices range from $8.50 for a Hario Coffee Dripper V60 to $900 for a La Pavoni Commercial Coffee Grinder, but generally, Burr Grinders range anywhere from $49 to $300. Gooseneck Kettles start at $29, a variable digital electric model will cost $99. Kitchen scales can go from $15 for a basic model to $40 for the Hario Digital Scale. Drip cone brewers can go for as little as $14 up to $45 for a Chemex brewer.

Gift possibilites:

  • Cone Coffee Drippers
  • Gooseneck Kettles
  • Digital Scales
  • Burr Coffee Grinders
  • Thermometers and Thermocouples
  • Fresh-roasted Coffee Subscription

Check out the Pour-over Coffee World Shopping and Gift Guide here.

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

conical burr coffee grinder buying guideSo you want great pour-over coffee? Maybe it’s time to invest in a conical burr coffee grinder.

If you already have a ceramic cone, filters, goose-neck kettle and your coffee is still not what you expect, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and purchase a conical burr coffee grinder. Pour-over coffee brewing is a simple, relatively economical way to get the best cup of coffee. You could buy a super fancy drip brewer or even an espresso machine, but it would be silly to fork out that kind of cash when all you really want is good tasting coffee.

Prefect pour-over coffee is a lot about the grind

Improperly ground coffee can result in unsatisfactory results. If the grounds are too course, the flavors will not release and the brewed coffee will be watery and bland tasting. If the grind is too fine, the coffee will taste bitter. Check out this guide for the different grinds.

Blade grinders, while they work in a pinch, unevenly grind the coffee, resulting in inconsistent flavors.

A conical burr coffee grinder can run from $40 for the Hario Coffee Mill Slim Grinder to more than $900 for the Baratza Forte Flat Steel Burr Commercial Grade Coffee Grinder.

With so many choices among conical burr coffee grinders, your decision criteria should be:

  • Price
  • Brand
  • Quality
  • Customer reviews
  • Personal recommendation

Where do you start?

Sites like Amazon.com, Prima Coffee and Seattle Coffee Gear are good places to research and purchase from. Or you can use this guide. Amazon links are provided for convenience.

Prices will range from $50 to over $900

Check out this handy conical burr coffee grinder buying guide

Starbucks Clover Brewing System

Starbucks-Clover-Brewing-SystemNote: While Starbucks Clover® Brewing System is not a pour-over method, it is worthy of review here.

Visit a Starbucks and ask for pour-over coffee brew and you might be asked if you’ve heard of Clover (they are perfectly willing to make a pour-over for you). To the uninitiated, that might not even make sense, “Clover what?”. But give it a try, you’ll be happily surprised because the Clover Brewing System is an amazing thing.

I have never been Starbucks hater. I used to buy cappuccinos back in the eighties in the Pike Place Market. My experience walking into any independant coffee shop is not a guarantee of a quality cup. Starbucks for all its faults has stringent standards that all baristas must follow. And they now offer small batch coffees. (A review of some of the Reserve Coffees are forthcoming, stay tuned.)

Now Clover

Forget french press, take a break from drip and save pour-over for home.

My Barista humbly offered Clover and asked what type of bean I preferred, I chose the Sun Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. It was ground and placed into an opening on the top of the Clover machine. The piston-like hopper lowered, a preset amount of water, at the correct temperature, poured on top of the grounds, then he gave it a stir. After about a minute of steeping the plunger came up creating a vacuum that drew the brew down and into my waiting cup. My initial thoughts were that it was quite nice tasting, and with no sediment, almost silky. I even had it black so as not to influence the taste in anyway. I am going to be ordering Clover instead of drip next time I visit Starbucks.

How it works

It’s not really a press, and it’s not pour-over. It’s a unique system combining a plunger and a vacuum. The Clover is a very expensive machine and only widely available at Starbucks but supposedly Ritual Coffee has a couple machines.

Here’s a video of the Starbucks Clover Brewing System:

Next time you’re at a Starbucks that has the Clover Brewing System, give it a try.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers day gift guideFather’s Day Gift Ideas.

Not sure what to buy dear old Dad this Father’s Day? Does shopping for the man who has everything leave you stumped? If he loves coffee, the following father’s day gift ideas will hopefully solve your dilemma.

There are a lot of father’s day gift ideas that range in price from $8.50 for a Hario Coffee Dripper V60 to $900 for a La Pavoni Commercial Coffee Grinder.

Is your dad a seasoned Pour-over coffee expert?

Look at what he needs or doesn’t have. Check to see the condition of his cone dripper. If it’s old, maybe broken or cracked, a new cone will always be appreciated and there are lots of choices, plastic, ceramic or glass. Does he need filters? You can never miss with cone dripper filters. Some filters are not available in grocery stores and will need to be ordered online. Look for what they don’t have, a digital scale is a good item to consider, as are goose-neck spout pouring kettles.  Glass carafes to drip the brew into are will be happily accepted. Check the lists below for ideas.

Cone coffee drippers come is several shapes, sizes and brewing methods. Militta, Bee House, etc., are the more oblong shaped and provide a slower coffee extract. Hario, Kalita, Chemex have large openings at the bottom and allow the coffee to extract more quickly. Cone coffee drippers come in plastic, resin, glass and metal.


Coffee Filters are often in short supply, especially hard to find ones. There are two choices, metal and paper. The advantage to metal is that they last a long time, the downside is that a little silt and a certain kind of cholesterol can pass through. Paper, while one use, helps catch the oils. Melitta makes the best quaility paper and bamboo filters that are widely available at grocery stores. Hario, Chemex, Kalita Wave are harder to find in stores and online retailers are good places to order them. Able Brewing Equipment and Cuisinart make good metal filters.



Extra tools:

Digital scales are very useful and help to accurately the measure the mount of coffee ground, the bloom and then the final pour, exact control are one of the important factors to great pour-over coffee. The Hario V60 Scale includes a timer.

Goose-neck Kettles are usually available as stove-top or electric. A hot water kettle that doesn’t have a long spout will not work well, pour control is key to successful pour-over coffee (although if they have a Hario Buono-type kettle to pour hot water into, any stove-top or electric kettle will do).  It’s wise to use something else to boil the water than the kettle, add the jot water to the kettle then pour.



Grinders are what any baristia will tell you every home pour-over coffee brew master needs. But not just any grinder will do, a good, high-quality Burr Grinder is indispensable in the kitchen.




Thermocouples are a precise method for measuring water temperture, which is crucial for the best coffee extraction.

If they are not into Pour-over yet, it’s time to get them started!

Try a making a gift bundle with a cone dripper, some filters and a carafe and or Hario Bruno Kettle. Or a Chemex carafe, filters and a kettle. The possibilities are endless, depending on your budget. Amazon and eBay, Primo Coffee are good places to look.


Why not surprise your pops with the items he’s have been dreaming about? Click the links above and start shopping today!

Leave comments below.

Hario V60 Metal Dripper

Hario V60 Metal Dripper

© Hario Co., Ltd

Now you can take a Hario V60 dripper anywhere, from Mount Kilimanjaro to a luxury hotel on Park Avenue, or even your own back yard. While brewing pour-over coffee is possible when you travel, if you use a class or ceramic Hario V60 dripper, breakage can be an issue. Hario makes a resin V60 Dripper, but it can also crack or break in transit. Enter the metal V60 dripper, durable and lightweight, perfect for packing.

Hario V60 Metal Dripper is easy to take care of

The Hario V60 Metal Dripper is constructed of lightweight stainless steel, available in 3 colors, bronze, silver or black. With a removable silicon base for easy cleaning or packing. You’ll never have to worry about the perfect cup of pour-over coffee when you travel. And with the minimalistic design, the perfect object d’art for the kitchen.

Where to find the Hario V60 Metal Dripper

The Hario V60 Metal Dripper is available at many gourmet and specialty kitchen houseware stores and also available from Amazon, Primo Coffee and other online retailers.